Event Truly Mobile App and Content Creation Features

Event Truly Mobile App Features

Customize For Your Interests
Build list of activities you want to ensure you attend by marking those activities as favorites in your bucket list
Rate and write notes concerning your favorite activities, and email to friends
Record visits to event activities using QR Codes or geofences, and check leaderboard for your rank
Online, PDF, and graphic file maps
Place point-of-interest markers and labels on maps
Create polyline routes on maps
Track location of others within your group
Categorize maps into groups
Show detailed, multi-day event schedules
Link and jump to detailed information about each scheduled activity
Show schedule as list view or as zoomable calendar view (iOS only)
Activities and Exhibits
Create detailed listings of activities and/or exhibits at your event
Include specific icon, name, description, and location
Optionally include digital (printable) documents
Include schedule specific to an activity or exhibit in each detailed listing
Link to activity or event website
Categorize activities and/or exhibits into logical groups
Vendors and Sponsors
Create detailed listing of vendors and/or sponsors for your event
Include vendor or sponsor logo, name, description, and location
Include vendor documents (for example, vendor menu as PDF)
Clearly display sponsor sponsorship level (including cost and benefit of various levels)
Link to vendor or sponsor website
Categorize vendors and sponsors into logical groups
Program Guide
Optionally include top-level menu directly showing your event's program guide, passport, flyer, or other significant PDF document
Print the PDF document
Website and Links
Include an unlimited number of links to websites associated with your event
View the website(s) from within Event Truly
Categorize websites and links into groups
Survey Users
Include one or many surveys in your Event's content
Survey questionnaires are created and shown as Google Forms
Questionnaires can be shown times defined by Event organizers (prior to event, during event, post-event, etc.)
Questionnaires can only be answered a single time by each user. Subsequent views to the questionnaire will show the survey results.
Include feed of tweets specific to your event
Customize the hashtags and handles to be used to filter tweet list
Include unlimited digital documents and view those documents within Event Truly
Include PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, and JPG documents
Print documents directly from mobile app
Include promotional or other pertinent event videos within the app
Push Notifications
Receive push notifications from event organizers
App keeps log of push notifications received
Include small images with push notifications
Receive notifications on mobile device and Apple watch
Search all app content
Show time until start of event
Customize app icon for your event (iOS only)
Customize app color theme (iOS only)

Event Content Creation Features

Pricing and Event Content Access
Create events and content for free
Publish event to Cloud for download to up-to five mobile devices for free
Select a priced tier to allow download to more than five devices
Track total number of times your event content has been downloaded
Event Content Creation
Create unlimited events for free
Copy content from prior event (for example, last year's event) to new event (this year's event), and modify as needed
Upload maps, documents (PDF, Microsoft Office Documents, and several graphic format files) as content
Quickly search and sort content
Specify custom mobile app menu items shown, and customize the order and display name of each menu item
Import most content types using comma-delimited or Excel files
Export most content types to PDF or spreadsheet compatible formats
Print tabular content data
Access and publish content from any browser
Send push notifications to event participants
App keeps log of push notifications received
Only you can get edit and search event data that you create. Others cannot see nor search your content during creation. Your event data is secure.